Without music, life would be a mistake

Nietzsche wrote, and I think so too.  But I’m always in trouble when someone asks me what kind of music I usually listen. What answer is “good music“? But happens I respond in that way, basing on a subjective judgment which doesn’t give any clue to the poor unfortunates who have had the bright idea to talk with me.
The problem is that I haven’t a favorite genre. I can easily hop from God Save The Queen to Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera, from Penny Lane to Polly (but I can’t tolerate the house music and Ke$ha). One can say that I mostly listen to music “of the last century“, as my father says. The Beatles, Lou Reed, Nirvana, The Smiths, and so on. But it is not true that I don’t like the music of the XXI century! To prove it, here are the bands I recently discovered thanks to YouTube, my endless source of novelties that, when I want to listen to something new, I start to zap through related videos and something good always comes out.
I suggest you listen to at least the songs I have listed below, if then you’re interested, you can go on the tube! Enjoy!

Initially I believed that Daughter was a singer, but after a little research I discovered that it is the name of the London duo consisting of Elena Tonra and guitarist (and perhaps lover) Igor Haefeli. Overheard on YouTube, I was fascinated by the song Candles (you can find below), and by the beautiful biting voice of Elena Tonra, painful like that of Dolores O’Riordan and strident like that of Sinéad O’Connor. The world sung by Daughter is elusive, foggy, built by the sound of her voice, haunting and moody. In 2011 was released their first EP, entitled His Young Heart, containing four songs including Candles. What is striking is the spontaneity, the talent, the simplicity of their songs, sustained only by the voice of Elena and the light touches of guitar playing in the background.

·Daughter on MySpace

·Emily Moldy·
I have listened to Stone by Stone in the backstage video of a photoshoot by Shop Ruche and I immediately liked the rhythm cheerful and lilting on the piano notes. Searching on the web, I’ve found some infos about the singer, Emily Moldy, actually very few, probably because she is not under a record label. The singer, from Oakland, with indie-folk-soul influences, has released an EP in 2010, E is for Eleven, a moving collection of four songs where with delicate voice she paints in perspective the world today, between hope, passion, dreams and disappointments. Apparently, as I understood from her blog, she performs in the clubs in the city and surrounding area, but doesn’t seem to have found a label yet. If you have news, write to me!

“I’m addicted to music, and I don’t want to quit,
They watch it take over my life, but I just can’t admit it
Its my passion, my life, and as true as my Truth gets,
My heart’s trying to tell you,
So just hush up and listen”
Emily Moldy from her blog

·Emily Moldy on MySpace

·The Honey Trees·
Another pleasant surprise, thanks both to YouTube and Flickr, has been the  vintage chic duo, The Honey Trees, consisting of Becky Filip and Jacob Wick (plus other guys that I didn’t understand if they are part of the band or are just helpers).
On the MySpace profile they define themselves “an indie dream pop band that try to create magic in music form“. Definitely romantic.
In fact, their songs seem to come from a book of fairy tales and the singer looks like a lovely princess with the voice of nightingale. Originally based in Sacramento, California, they have just released an EP, Wake the Earth, and shot their first video, that you can see below. What you immediately notice is the great work of styling: Becky flaunts hairstyle and make-up on the romantic shades of another era, wears dresses with bows, while Jacob wears a bow tie nonchalantly.
Listening to the songs of The Honey Trees (maybe looking at their pictures taken by the Becky‘s brother) is like travelling towards an ancient world, in pastel colors, vintage in the true sense of the word, sweetly nostalgic, where I wish I could spend at least one day, lying on the grass with them to enjoy a cup of tea.

·The Honey Trees on MySpace
·Simon Filip, brother of Becky, on Flickr

The Honey Trees

·The Perishers·
“A ceiling two seconds from collapsing, lots of sloppy Doc Marten dancing, and really harsh hardcore music. Ask Ola Klüft his earliest memories of growing up in Umeå, Sweden, and he’ll gladly share this DIY-or-die story (or some other basement show fiasco) with a smile and a snicker. Which is quite amusing and a little confusing when you consider Klüft’s current gig: singing sweetly and subtly amid the moonlit, melancholic indie pop of The Perishers.”
With these words begins the biography on the MySpace profile of The Perishers, a Swedish band formed in 1997 and originally consisting of six members until 2001, when was reduced to the four of today. Found by chance on YouTube with the song Nothing like you and I, entered into my heart and that you absolutely must listen, I was intrigued to the point of going to look for the other songs around the tube. I particularly love the singer’s voice, low but warm and intense. Their songs would be perfect for a car trip along the American highways, straight, deserted, romantic in their own way, enmeshed in a deep melancholy, but not desperate. The band has released two EP, three albums (From Nothing to One  in 2002, Let There Be Morning in 2003 e Victoriousin 2007), and some songs off albums, including All Wrong, that you can listen below.
Although they haven’t had great success (I wonder why!), many of their songs were included in episodes of popular American TV series such as The OC, One Tree Hill, Greek and Veronica Mars.

·The Perishers on MySpace

P.s.: I haven’t written about Grouplove and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, other two bands discovered on the web but already famous in the USA, because the post would have been too long, but I recommend you listen also to them!