In the clouds

A short trip to Turin has been the opportunity to meet lovely people, as I like to repeat, who I miss already. The city was surrounded by a light fog, as an ancient town from tales of the Grimm brothers, with wide streets with large bricks opening onto romantic views of classic buildings next to decadent ones covered with ivy.

We have walked as much as possible among the large crowd of the weekend and unfortunately I don’t remember the names of streets or squares, but Turin is not as large as Rome, a walk around the city center doesn’t require too much time and is fairly exhaustive to see what of beautiful and (mostly) historic offers the city.

Among the museums that they have recommended me, I couldn’t lose that, of course, interested me most: the MAO, Museum of Oriental Art. It is located right downtown, near the Royal Palace, and is definitely worth seeing. Not very large, has a wonderful collection of art works from the Middle and Far East. The storeys, that have fascinated me the most, were the ones about China and Japan: little statues of the First Empire, short daggers, ancient samurai armours, painted paper rolls and even works of Hokusai, as the very famous wave in front of Mount Fuji.

As in all of Italy, also in Turin you eat very well. I can recommend some restaurants, such as Brasserie Bordeaux, a small, cozy, warm restaurant of Italian/French cuisine.

Or you can take a walk at Eataly, the market/restaurant built inside a former factory, part of a chain of slow food, focused on eating well with biological products.

Blue splinters in the night Winter Tree

Red leaves Sun under the arcades Sunset on the river

You can find more photos in my album on Flickr: set Italy