Vancouver Postcards: East Village and West End

Maybe it’s because I find “old” things fascinating, with that patina of time that wraps them like a woman wears a shiny lipstick on her lips.
Maybe it’s because the rows of wooden houses at sunset, in the silence of the street where there is rarely someone, create a melancholic atmosphere that makes me stop every time to savor for a few more seconds that view of normality that we, on the other side of the world, just see on the screen of a TV.
Maybe it’s for this reason that, despite being “far” from the city and having to take the bus to go anywhere, I liked to live in the East Village, the neighborhood at the extreme east of Vancouver, entirely residential and connected to downtown in a direct way only through Hastings St.

Soon we will say goodbye to our little yellow house to move into an apartment on the peninsula where is the real heart of Vancouver, the downtown of glass buildings all concentrated in a few blocks, but we will be also close to Stanley Park, Coal Harbour and the west beaches.
I have to say I like the change of style, and I can anticipate a definitely more eventful summer!

These photos are my personal postcards I send you from Vancouver, from our first neighborhood to the one that will be our second home soon…

East Village


east end

West End

Beach Ave

sunset beach

Devonian Harbour Park
west end(Photo by Ale)

west end

Coal Harbour

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