VANCOUVER CREATIVA is a blog&video series to explore the creative community in Vancouver and to get to know local artists and creatives. To be inspired, learn, and connect!

Jamie and I met for the first time back in December: I went to her studio because she was hosting the sale of Ola Volo‘s limited edition prints for Christmas. I was immediately amazed by her and by her super nice and creative space.

Recently I decided to start the VANCOUVER CREATIVA series, to meet creative people here in Vancouver, and I thought of her for the first episode, as a perfect introduction to the local creative community.

So here are Jamie and her THRIVE Studio!

Jamie Smith is a mixed media artist based in Vancouver. Born in Florida, she moved to BC as a kid. She uses photographs to explore nostalgia and memories, creating the opportunity for open interpretation from her audience. Inherently, she’s not only an artist, but also a teacher.

She has a very nice and cozy studio, called THRIVE Studio, in Mount Pleasant, at 2414 Main Street, where she holds monthly events and workshops, including collage nights, a business guidance group called Mastermind, and THRIVE TALKS, where successful women in the arts share their personal journey and pass on practical advice and guidance to others.


The studio is a place for female artists and creatives to meet, connect, create, and learn from one another.
Jamie started THRIVE Studio to bring women together through creative projects, because she knows how important is for an artist to find a community.

Also, Jamie organizes every year in May an art walk in Mount Pleasant called ROVE, when she invites 8 galleries and artist studios to open their doors to the Main Street community.

For all the local ladies, if you would like to meet new inspiring people and get together to create and learn, go check THRIVE Studio! To get updates, you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter at thriveartstudio.

You can follow Jamie on instagram at @thriveartstudio, and check her paintings on her website jamiesmithstudio.

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  • Love the art! My favorite is the buck head.
    Good job Jamie, I will definitely come for a visit at Thrive Studio!
    Thank you Sabrina for the great video!