September considerations

September is, probably, my favorite month.
When summer ends and the nature performs in a last, poignant, show before closing the world in the cold of the winter. I am an autumn daughter, but I realized it only here in Canada.

September is the month that for me has always represented the beginning and then, intrinsically, the ending. Without denying what was before, as I finally understood how everything, really everything, helpful and nothing went “wasted.”

The beginning may mean the opening of a new road, perhaps still on the same path, or turning the corner and drastically changing the route always followed. Lately I seem to follow this second choice, full of desire for new things and changes.

September is the month of my birthday, the month when all that we are living now begun, my starting point for a lot of things.

(My birthday day)

September 2015 is the month in which we begin the third year in Vancouver (!), with new projects (for the future, starting from today) and a list of goals to keep, among work, study, and what seems to be always too little time.
You have to set reachable goals, in order to commit yourself without getting mope, and to be able to reward yourself a bit more often, cause it’s good to feel that you have gained something only for yourself sometimes.

Here is (a part of) my list of goals for September, mostly good habits to follow each month.

  • go to the gym every week ✓
  • save a fixed amount of money every month ✓
  • ride my bike (unfortunately I don’t have enough practice with it but I’m trying to give me courage and, for the first time, I went grocery shopping by bicycle)
  • go to bed at 10:30 pm ✓ 
  • go out (always) for a (long) walk when it’s sunny during the week ✓ 
  • don’t use the iPhone in bed ✓ 
  • read one book every month ✓
  • publish two blog posts per month (I have so many posts in draft, I’m working on it)
  • archive all the photos every month from the iPhone to the external hard drive ✓
  • study regularly
  • nourish my creativity 
  • write for myself
  • start again to write the novel
  • more weekend trips (Tofino is the next on the list)
  • do not get discouraged when I can not make a joke in English/do not understand right away/do not have a ready answer
  • do not be a victim of the stress
  • live moments with those I love without being distracted by trivialities
  • appreciate what I have
  • accept unplanned changes  

One of the goals I achieved in September was to start a course at the BCIT School of Business.
I dreamed of going to the BCIT since I was in Italy, but for several reasons, especially for my VISA, it was not possible to study there for me. Now, thanks to the PR and to my employer, I was able to register and I went back to school. All this led me to consider a new (big, long-term) project for my professional future.

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