Postcards from Victoria

Exactly one year ago, for the Family Day long weekend 2015, we were taking a ferry under the rain to Vancouver Island. Destination: Victoria, capital of British Columbia.

After so much delay, today I decided to take out the photos of that trip and to thoroughly store them. So here’s a few postcards from Victoria, during a typical winter weekend on the NorthWest Coast, that fortunately spared us the rain at the end.

We toured mostly in downtown Victoria, between Government st and Cook st, alternating indie cafés and delicious restaurants, going to the huge British Columbia Legislature (or Parliament) Building, then to the inner harbour, the bookstores (including Munro’s Books!), the Beacon Hill Park, 200 acres of green and gardens (and a lake), to end up walking along Dallas Road for the ocean view (although it was extremely windy).

As accommodation, we chose a bed&breakfast that turned out to be delightful and cozy: the Craigmyle, located in a quiet neighborhood of big houses and tall trees.
I love the b&b for the breakfast and for the”home” feeling they donate, and the Craigmyle was perfect, with creaking stairs, vintage sofas and armchairs, and that calm atmosphere, in which you could spend hours reading and occasionally letting your gaze wander out of the large windows on the trees and the beautiful houses surrounding.
On the back, and so visible from the dining room windows, there is the Craigdarroch Castle. Not bad starting the day with a walk around a castle.

It was a short trip and, although the grey sky “flattened” a bit the city, we were able to admire the bare winter trees, with twisted branches like webs, a blue ocean crowned by huge, dancing clouds, and the colours of the houses that shone brightly against the dull sky.

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