On the other side of the world

The new year starts in September.

Maybe because it is the month when I was born, my starting point. Maybe because my birthday, my new year of life, coincided with the first day of school, the first lesson at the university, the interview of the first (real) job. Maybe because the summer for me has always been an end, a time interval.

This year September coincides with something really special, with a start and a new chapter of our life.

I can not say anything on this story yet, I do not know what will happen and feelings alternate in me far too quickly.
After years of similar days, of habits that I thought immutable, I realize I can change everything, I can (at least try to) achieve my goals, and it’s exciting and disruptive at the same time.

I already know that I will miss what for me is home, the voices of my parents, the smell of coffee, my Snoo, flipping through the pages of my books and manga whenever I want… while together, just me and him, on the other side of the world will try to build new spaces and new memories.

Love Love

Coffee time at office
Let me fly away~This last week in my town was full of goodbyes, hugs, greetings to family and friends, a few tears and earliest nostalgia.


We leave behind all of this, for now, we do not know for how long.
So many projects, things to do, to see, to try, to learn. Seems to me there is always too little time and too much to write, read, hear, to impress upon the memory and do not forget.

It’s September. We go hand in hand, towards the city on the other side of the world.