Colours of summer

The roar of the waves. The pages of a book turned by the wind.
I hide my face from the sun and the mind flies over the blue horizon.

Sailboat in a blue world
A moment only for us.
Do not think of the city buzzing with humanity.
I see the sea and the sky, and the infinity fills the huge void in the soul.

Remember me
Summer is just a moment in the flowing water. Just an instant already past.
We hold our hands, under the clear sky as an untouched canvas.
I listen to.
Far away, the chirping of cicadas. Closer, the sound of your breath.

Midsummer frames.

Look beyond~ Flower along the sea Pink&White

As the desire for happiness.
As the dream of an endless night,
under a midsummer sky sweet of stars.
Free from thoughts, full of emotions.
Without the duty of the future, forever young.

                          So shining! I wanna ride my bycicle~