Itten Circle: gigs, rehearsals and loud amplifiers

Lately, more and more people, online and offline, tell me I have “lots of interests”, and they look at me amazed, as if I were really multitasking! 😀

How I reply to all, I don’t think to do so much: it’s true that I have many hobbies, but it is simply because I’m terribly bored by dedicating myself to only one thing!

So I thought to write a post on my band, Itten Circle, with whom I play since 2010 and I’ve never written here (but those who follow me on social networks surely know it): among ups and downs, changes of drummer, gigs, rehearsals, smashed amplifiers, cables that don’t work, songs arranged 2 days before the gig, we are still here to play out loud!

I don’t like to take myself too seriously, so I don’t think it is a big thing I play in a band (also because as bassist I’m not Flea, for sure), but apparently I cause stir for this (probably because I look like anything but a rocker!) XD

Our latest gig was on April 26, just a few days ago, at the Blackout! It was the semi-final of a competition and we managed to pass to the next step: we’re going to play at Stazione Birra, a huge and very famous pub, and for us this is really a great achievement! *-*

Here are some photos of the night! The others can be found here –> Concerto al Blackout


From left to right: Ale (my bf), Giacomo, Massimo and me (extremely serious!).




I post this photo ’cause I like it too much! From the gig at Zoobar of January. 🙂

Rock Night~~~~

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