Instagram Highlights: February 2014

february 2014

  • February is started with the hand delivery of hyper-super-mega important documents for our future here (now there’s just anxiety, but we’ve been waiting confidently). The morning was very bright and the whole downtown was a glass sparkle.
  • Did I tell you that Vancouver is the city of squirrels? Ok, also of crows, but the squirrels are so adorable… and they show up when and where you least expect it. Like in your back yard!
  • A Saturday in mid-February walking in downtown and finally the first real expedition to the central Vancouver Public Library (VPL). The sign “The Words Don’t Fit The Picture” is an art installation on a side of the library.
    The central branch of the VPL is really wonderful, I would spend entire days inside there! Also, it was nominated “number one public library in the world” in 2013 (along with that of Montreal)!
  • We never celebrated Valentine’s Day, but the morning of the 14th I found a delicious lovely breakfast waiting for me!
  • I love sunsets and sometimes Vancouver offers a sky that astonishes and asks for attention. It was a Friday evening and the sky was a burning light painting.
  • Snow… again! The last weekend of February, it snowed non-stop and snowmen appeared in the gardens.
  • We currently live in a typical neighborhood of small houses, square gardens and fences, with spots of wild green scattered throughout. In the small little park that I cross now and then, there is a pond where sometimes placid ducks swim. Well, when it happens, I stop to look at them for a while. These “natural” moments should be enjoyed slowly.

Song of February: Step Out – José Gonzalez

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