Highlights: March & April 2014

These two months passed as if the days rained down in a downpour, faster than we thought but at the same time it took so long that we heard every drop.
These are the worst months, when you can just wait with patience, but even though we had to stop many things, we tried to get busy continuing the daily life between small satisfactions and growing aspirations for the future.

I’ve been trying to keep the goals I set for myself this year and to achieve as many as possible: I’ve been reading/studying in English, I’ve been cooking vegan recipes, I’ve been exploring the city taking photos, I took back the notes of an old book and I started to write it again, I became one of the event coordinators of the upcoming Walk for Farm Animals in Vancouver (I hope the first of many collaborations with a nonprofit)… and I did the laser eye surgery!

March 2014

march 2014

  • Notes of blog, stories, things to do … and the ukulele! I bought it on impulse after seeing the photos Giulia and I enjoy strumming something (I miss my bass).
  • A night walking in downtown after a birthday party in a posh restaurant (that I didn’t like)… we discovered how Granville Street becomes after midnight and definitely we won’t go there anymore!
  • The park behind home has become of a bright green that looks almost fluorescent! March brings the first signs of spring.
  • This year Vancouver hosted the Ted Conference! I love listening to the Ted Talks, they move and inspire me (their motto is “ideas worth spreading”). Of course, the event was sold out but tickets were really beyond my reach.
    Throughout the duration of TED, however, the city enjoyed a unique work of art in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre: a  color-changing interactive aerial sculpture, work of Janet Echelman, to which you could connect with your smartphone to display drawings created with light. We played with it too!
  • The central branch of VPL… what to say about it yet? That I would like to work there? That I would spend the whole day in there reading all the books? And then there’s a dragon!
  • The first sakura in bloom in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Spring comes!

April 2014

april 2014

  • Downtown shining early April morning (I took the picture still with blurry eyesight after the operation!).
  • Cookies… vegan! I found this simple but delicious recipe to make cookies and muffins without using a stick of butter or eggs. You can try too, it takes 10 minutes, the cakes are tasty but lighter and “ethically” good.
  • The usual walk behind home near the pond but this time with blossoming trees and a sea of petals on the road … such a romantic atmosphere!
  • Sunset on English Bay… the last rays on the horizon and all the Canadian flags waving (but so cold wind!).
  • A Saturday we ventured into Stanley Park, going up to Prospect Point, around Beaver Lake and in the midst of what is a true forest with these tall and thin trees.
  • Other pink trees at Yaletown as you can see from the window of the gym in the building where some of our friends live.
  • A brunch with what I’ve renamed the “pancake monster“! Two enormous pancakes filled with chocolate (not vegan unfortunately) that took me three days to finish (here when you do not finish the food you can take it away).
  • Our first fan convention in Vancouver! We went to FanExpo, I saw billions of comics, gadgets, T-shirts, actors and even R2-D2! The next time, however, I want to go with a cosplay, that in jeans I felt  uncomfortable (soon post with pictures).
  • Dining out with some friends from Seattle and walking in Coal Harbour I noticed for the first time these luminous statues (but here at night everything is bright, even the trees).

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