9/11: what’s the sound of a broken life?

And what’s the sound of thousands of lives broken at the same time?
Maybe the awful rumble of an explosion through the sky, where it was supposed to be nothing but clear blue of a September morning.
Or maybe the deafening roar that spreads in a flood of dust when hundreds of meters of skyscrapers and tons of steel and glass fall down in an impossible way, defeating any logical sense in the staring eyes of who, powerless, can do nothing but watch.
That day happened something that should never happen.
Something deeply absurd, disturbing, ridiculous and tragic crashed down with monstrous strength on thousands of unaware and innocent people, joining differences that would have seemed incompatible until a few time before, making all equal in front of a death so sudden and heartbreaking.
Triggering different reactions, of strength or desperation, in who that morning was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is the only fault of the thousands of people who from that day are gone. A naive and fatal fault.
There was who was coming back home, that morning of a September day, and was looking forward to be on the plane to join his family. There were those who were leaving to find new directions in the city of dreams. There was who was going up in the elevator to the office, focused on thought of the upcoming deadlines.
There was who was working hard in the “restaurant on the sky“, proud because he had taken ​​the step that many others like him had failed. He was still an illegal immigrant but he had managed to arrive in America, he saw every day the Statue of Liberty and could fight to conquer his “American Dream“. Now, about him, remains only a little clip in whom he shows the restaurant and the view over the city, sent to the family just a few days before the attack, as the only tangible evidence demonstrating his presence in Towers and that he is one of the unwitting victims of that day.
But all the others who lived in the shadow of the U.S. bureaucracy were not so lucky, and even today the families are struggling in order to demonstrate that they also were there, that morning, and have the right to the dignity of seeing their death officially acknowledged.

10 years later, what remains is a feeling of unspoken. Too many doubts, incoherences and suspicious coincidences weigh like a black shadow on what happened at the World Trade Center. On the occasion of this tenth anniversary, has been opened the 9/11 Memorial, including a museum tribute to the 3.000 victims of the attacks both in 2001 and in 1993, and two large pools of water, placed where first stood the Twin Towers. The design of the square, where are expected 400 trees, transmits a spirit of hope and search for renewal, but also creates a space for contemplation and meditation to commemorate, separated from images and sounds of the city due to the constant rustling of water of the fountains.
But we are still asking the same questions, without getting concrete answers.

10 years have gone. 10 entire, long years. One by one. Without stopping to allow to mourn the loss. Because life keeps flowing, because a country, as a community of people, must go on, face other problems, find new solutions. 10 years in whom the U.S. government drags heavily the wreckage of an endless war, which continues to cause deaths on both sides in a crescendo of physical and mental pain.
10 years gone quickly, depending on the point of view. But, above all, 10 years in whom the real questions, that almost everyone has made, have never found an answer.
I don’t want to list all “strange” aspects of this attack, which has managed to hit the United States in a focal point for their culture, which is penetrated in the Big Apple until to break down the symbol of its economy. But I admit that there are too many oddities, such as are too many inconsistencies in the “official version” given by the government about what happened.

If you are interested to read everything, at the end of the article you can find very interesting web links that have given me so much to think about, and where I have found many details on which, unfortunately, I agree.

At the end, however, the point is that whatever happened, whoever is behind all this, don’t change the fact that such events should never even be thought.
There is no reason, whether political, religious, strategic, nothing can justify the sacrifice of the lives of thousands of people.

Whatever motivation, compared with the importance and uniqueness of every human life, becomes stupidly ridiculous.
How to explain to a child that his father has gone even before he could see his birth; that he has simply disappeared in that cloud black and gray of smoke, swallowed by nothingness, just because he was at his workplace a wrong morning?
How can parents support the anguish of being survivors to their sons, whose only fault is to have wanted to do their duty as fireman and policeman, a morning when two skyscrapers that would never have fallen, have collapsed on themselves?
How to tell a mother that her son will never come back home, and the man who falls perfectly parallel to a tower, in that famous photo, is him? That he preferred to choose to die by jumping into the void, rather than burning in the hell of warmth and flames broken out where, until an instant before, he was working so hard to live his dream?
Simply you can’t.
And you should not even have to ask the question.

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