Photodiary of a Sunday in October spent with a couple of Canadian friends of ours, discovering one of the “oldest” neighborhoods of Vancouver: Gastown!

You can see all the photos in the set on Flickr —> GASTOWN

The morning starts late, and we meet at a popular diner in Gastown, the Deacon’s Corner, for our first brunch! For me Veggie Hash (so yummi) and for Ale the classic French Toast: he thought it was a well-known dish, but here it looks like a slice of super sweet pandoro!



Every neighborhood in Vancouver is different, with its own history and its own style. Gastown was the first downtown core of the city, and perhaps that is why it has such a European atmosphere, much more than the others (it reminded us of Amsterdam).

Full of cafes, chic boutiques and shops of interior design, in Gastown there is the famous steam clock, which  whistle every quarter of an hour puffing steam!

Here are some of the stores where we have snooped around!

KimPrints: full of particular items (such as the magnet for keys that we bought), and peculiar paintings. Our next apartment will have some of their prints on the walls for sure (so inspiring)!

Örling & Wu: delightful store of home decor.
Here, too, I have noticed several things that will make their appearance in our new home (pillows, clocks and hipster posters).

DavidsTea: if you love tea, this is your world!

Here you can find all the photos —> GASTOWN

Greetings from Vancouver!

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