5 things I learned from living in Vancouver

Living abroad changes you. Inevitably.

Every day you have to deal with people who speak a different language, think differently, have different customs. You are no longer in the city where you were born and raised, of which you know (almost) everything and that, for this reason, maybe you care too little about.
New challenges come in a new environment, where you have to be ready to accept the change and to learn.

It’s been almost a year since that afternoon of early September when for the first time we walked on the Canadian ground.
Numerous things have happened, the days passed between positive and negative experiences (luckily not too many of the latter), we met new people, we discovered different ways of living and thinking, and we went through a (not totally) unconscious process of adaptation to the pace of this city, which now we feel like our own.

Although there are still many things to settle, other expectations and goals to chase, I feel fine here: I like to live in Vancouver and I recognize that I am a different person compared to the one I was when I left my country.
Obviously my original core has not been touched: my personality has always been this one, maybe it was just dormant because of the lack of opportunities.
I’m usually confident about my own ideas and about what I decide (mostly because I think a lot), but I tend to silent myself if I’m oppressed by boredom and lack of outbursts.
Living here has “awakened” me. It has inspired me to shake it up and has made ​​me discover a new side of me that turned on like a light bulb, giving me an attitude that makes me feel a little bit better than I was before.

These are 5 things that I acknowledge I learned from living in Vancouver, plus another list in random order of new habits that my “pre-departure Italian me” wasn’t familiar with! : D

canada sky

  • Walking walking walking… with the running shoes!

capilano regional park

  • Appreciate (and take pictures of) the beauty… and stop (almost) with the selfies

sabrina miso vancouver

  •  Everything is a new opportunity

 stanley park

  • Friendly as a lifestyle

 davie st

  • Open the mind and broaden the boundaries of ideas

stanely park seawall